Samsung Galaxy S23 series might get this important iPhone 14 feature

Samsung is reportedly working with Iridium Communications to bring satellite connectivity to the Galaxy S23 series. The report claims that Samsung is working on bringing text messaging and low-resolution image sharing on the upcoming flagships. The iPhone 14 series launched with a unique Satellite Communication feature. The feature is only available in Canada and the US and India.
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IPhone 14 price cut to Rs

IPhone 14 price cut down to Rs. 57100 on Amazon with bank card offers and exchange. IPhone 14 gets its first big price cut offer in India and those considering a new iPhone this winter may opt for the 2022 iPhone model. The iPhone 14 was launched in September 2022 as a mildly upgraded version of the iPhone 13 from 2021.
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4 days ago

5 Cool New Gadgets to Keep on Your Radar

Apple finally rolled out its Emergency SOS via satellite service that allows anybody with an iPhone 14 (any model) to send for help if they're off the grid. The Blast Radio is an audio-only platform that gives creators the freedom to broadcast live and have their listeners tune in. The McIntosh MDA200 is the company's newest audiophile-grade DAC.
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1 weeks ago

Apple iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Feature Now Available In These Countries: How It Works

Apple is bringing its SOS emergency feature via satellite connectivity to the iPhone 14 series this week. The service is available in the US and Canada from Tuesday onwards. Apple will be extending this feature to iPhone 14 users in France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK next month. Every model from iPhone 14 lineup is compatible to run this software-designed feature.
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1 weeks ago

WOW! iPhone 12 mini is affordable! Price falls from 59900 to just 21499 on Flipkart

Flipkart is offering a 34 percent discount on the iPhone 12 mini, making the price fall to Rs. 38999. While, its MRP is Rs. 59900, the price is just Rs. 21499. Apple surprised everyone this year by dropping the 'Mini' phone from the iPhone 14 lineup. It features a 5.4-inch HDR display screen and a dual camera setup at the back.
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1 weeks ago

Apple: As yen tumbles, gadget-loving Japan goes for secondhand iPhones, Telecom News, ET Telecom

The yen has sparked a growing secondhand trade in a major market for Apple Inc. In July, apple hiked the price of the entry-level iPhone 13 by nearly a fifth. The basic iPhone 14 later debuted at 20% more than the iPhone 13 did. Apple declined to comment for this story.
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2 weeks ago

As yen tumbles, gadget-loving Japan goes for secondhand iPhones

Apple has hiked the price of the entry-level iPhone 13 by nearly a fifth. The basic iPhone 14 later debuted at 20% more than the iPhone 13 did. But the yen has been particularly hit, dropping 22%.
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2 weeks ago

IPhone 14 Plus लेने से पहले ये ज़रूर देख लें

ISTApple's one recent launch, the iPhone 14 Plus, has been making headlines, for all the right reasons and perhaps a few wrong ones too. It delivers a large 6.7-inch display for almost Rs 10,000 less than the regular iPhone 14 Pro Max.
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3 weeks ago

Dangerous solar storm can destroy phones, even iPhone 14, check stunning TRUTH here

A powerful and dangerous strong solar storm on earth can have stunning consequences for mobile phones and even the amazing iPhone 14 is not safe. We do not know how these particles are formed or what causes their randomness. A solar storm can destroy the internet as it can affect the undersea cables connectors.
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3 weeks ago

Forget iPhone 14, world's fastest phone coming; Check out this mind-blowing tech

The iPhone 14 series is one of the fastest smartphones on the planet. With 5G knocking at our front door, the world is already wondering how fast the next generation will be. But a new and surprisingly simple machine can potentially be a game changer. It uses surface tension of water to move and manipulate microscopic objects to create grooves, braids and more and manufacture nanoscopic material.
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IPhone 14 with FLAT 5000 off and massive exchange offer on Vijay Sales

IPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are now available with a flat Rs. 5000 discount. Check offers, cashbacks, exchange deals and much more. IPhone 14 Price cutIf you are looking for the latest version of the iPhone, then you will be eligible to get a massive discount of up to Rs. 35000 on the latest iPhone 14.
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IPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22 5G and more- best Diwali gifts ever; check offers

These are our top picks for the best phones that can be purchased for gifting your loved ones this Diwali.1. From recently launched apple iphone 14 to Samsung Galaxy S22 5G, there are a wide variety of options to consider.
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Looking for an iPhone charger? Best ones to buy for iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone SE 3

Best iphone chargers to buy for iphone 14, iphone 13, iphone 12 and iPhone SE 3. If you just got yourself an iPhone, you will want to choose the right charger. The 20W charger is going to provide the fastest charging speeds.
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1 months ago

IPhones calling 911 from owners’ pockets on rollercoasters

911 dispatch centre in Ohio received at least six calls from people on rollercoasters. All of them were made automatically from Kings Island, an amusement park near Cincinnati. Apple’s iPhone 14, as well as newer Apple watches, includes a feature that detects the signs and vibrations typical of a serious car accident.
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1 months ago

IPhone 14 Assumes Woman Enjoying Rollercoaster Ride Has Been In Crash, Calls 911

Woman's iPhone 14 alerted authorities of a car crash as she enjoyed roller coaster ride in Cincinnati, Ohio. The phone’s new car-crash detection was triggered as she “enjoyed getting hoisted 109 feet in the air and whipped around at over 50 mph”
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1 months ago

India to press Apple, Samsung for faster 5G software upgrades in phones

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G services on Oct. 1 amid much fanfare, with Reliance Jio saying it would make the service available in four cities. But Apple's iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 14, and many of Samsung's premier phones do not have software compatible for supporting 5G in India. Top bureaucrats from India's telecoms and IT departments will chair a meeting for early 5G adoption.
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1 months ago

IPhone 14 reacts to roller coaster ride, calls 911

The crash detection feature works on iphone 14 and iphone 14 Pro models. It is supposed to detect severe car crash and save the life of the users. But now, the feature is reacting to roller coaster rides too.
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1 months ago

IPhone 14 Crash Detection feature set off by roller coasters

Wall Street Journal and theme park specialist Coaster101 have reported how Crash Detection is being set off by roller coasters. A woman who went on the Mystic Timbers roller coaster at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio told the WSJ that her iPhone 14 Pro automatically called 911 during the ride. Emergency services made their way to the park but soon discovered that nothing was awry.
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1 months ago

IPhone 14 Plus finally in stores from today: This is what you are getting over iPhone 14

The iphone 14 Plus will be in stores starting today as the bigger sibling of the vanilla iPhone 14. It comes in three storage variants, with the base variant having 128GB of storage and costing Rs. 89900.
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1 months ago

Google Pixel 7 Pro SHOCKING leak! Makes iPhone 14 look like a better deal

The results are no higher than a 2021 Android flagship phone. Google has listed a new Tensor G2 chip on these new models. The chipset is still comparable to a year old Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip.
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