Up to 100,000 nurses to strike in December with threat to escalate action

Nurses will begin a series of strikes at dozens of hospitals in December – and will escalate their industrial action if ministers keep refusing to negotiate over pay. The stoppages on 15 and 20 December will severely disrupt care and services at 53 NHS organisations in England – about half those where the RCN’s recent ballot produced a majority of nurses in favour of withdrawing their labour.
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18 hours ago

How doctors could spy on your wee in bizarre bid to ease pressure on NHS

Health Secretary Steve Barclay said monitoring urinals with new tech could help doctors spot diseases early. He likened it to sharing information on Facebook or Instagram, saying: People trust a company in California with data more than they trust the UK government. But last night Labour panned the idea of toilet surveillance, accusing Mr Barclay of ‘taking the p*ss’
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British PM Rishi Sunak injects 113 mn pound into new healthcare taskforce

The UK government announced GBP 113 million funding to use the country's successful COVID Vaccine Taskforce model as a blueprint for the success of four missions of cancer, obesity, mental health and addiction. The government hopes to save the NHS millions of pounds that could otherwise be spent on patient care by tackling health issues such as obesity.
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Slowdown in European doctors working in NHS following Brexit, says think tank

More than 4,000 European doctors have opted not to work in the NHS following the vote in 2016. Pre-Brexit number of doctor specialists working in NHS in 2021 was forecast to be 41,321. Nuffield Trust says it is ‘inarguable’ that registration of doctors from the EU and the four European Free Trade Association (EFTA) members “was slower in the years after 2016 than the years before”
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2 days ago

Can you go to work with Covid: What to do if you test positive

The Living with Covid plan brought an end to the legal requirement for employees to tell their employers when they have tested positive for the virus and need to self-isolate. Most people in England are no longer advised to get tested and can no longer get free lateral flow tests from the NHS unless you are one of a small number of people eligible.
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1 weeks ago

No two-tier NHS, ministers insist

Ministers prepared to discuss relaxing rules for discharging patients from hospitals. But they rejected suggestions about creating a 'two-tier' system with the wealthy paying for treatment. NHS Scotland’s chief executive gave the ‘green light’ by Caroline Lamb to discuss reform.
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1 weeks ago

‘Two-tier’ NHS already developing across the UK after Scotland discuss paying for treatment, experts warn

Institute of Public Policy Research says NHS is facing a two-tier system by stealth. IPPR head Chris Thomas said he was 'nervous' that the NHS was heading for the equivalent of the English education system or a similar structure to dentistry or social care. Comments come following reports by the BBC that NHS leaders in Scotland have discussed creating a 'two-tier' system.
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1 weeks ago

Nurses’ 17% claim ‘will fuel inflation and help no one’

The Royal College of Nursing has said nurses should be awarded an increase of 5% above inflation. Steve Barclay reiterated his description of the union’s demands as ‘neither reasonable nor affordable’ He said he had been ‘saddened’ that the RCN was set to strike at half of English NHS employers.
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2 weeks ago

Jeremy Hunt says NHS on brink of collapse but efficiencies must be found

Jeremy Hunt says the NHS is under ‘unbearable pressure’ with doctors and nurses ‘under unbearable pressure” But he said the service received a lot of money and ‘we need to do everything we can to find efficiencies’ Unison trade union accuses Tories of ‘deliberately running down’ NHS.
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2 weeks ago

UK Nurse Strike: Why are nurses on strike in UK? As NHS heroes walk out, your questions will be answered - The Economic Times

Rishi Sunak is a third generation British-Indian whose grandparents were from Punjab. Born in the country's Southampton area, he will be the first British PM to have roots in India.
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2 weeks ago

NHS strike: nurses on verge of leading one million-strong walkout over pay

The royal college of nursing is expected to announce within days that its members have voted overwhelmingly for strike action. Six other health unions have also announced ballots. More than a million staff potentially walking out, including porters, paramedics, physiotherapists and biomedical scientists.
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3 weeks ago

Routine bipolar screening should be ingrained in NHS, say experts

More than 1 million people in the uk are estimated to have bipolar disorder. This leads to extreme changes in mood and energy levels far beyond most people’s experiences of feeling happy or a bit down. A national director of mood disorders should be ingrained into the NHS.
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3 weeks ago

Genetic tests could identify people at risk of heart disease, NHS study finds

GPs in the north-east and north cumbria have used predictive genetic tests to identify people most at risk of heart disease in the first pilot of the technology. A further 700,000 people in England aged 45 to 64 had a high enough risk to be recommended statins, but were “invisible to the NHS”.
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3 weeks ago

Who were the girls who died after NHS mental health service failings?

Three girls died within eight months of each other in 2019-20, an independent investigation has found. She had anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and a history of serious self-harm. Her family said she was a 'beautiful, courageous, caring, independent young women'
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3 weeks ago

NHS leaders warn Rishi Sunak not to ‘watch while health service crumbles’

Rishi Sunak has been asked by NHS leaders to not ask for further savings. NHS Confederation warns patient safety will be ‘at real risk’ if more cuts are introduced. Government is yet to confirm whether long-term workforce plan will be funded. Mr Sunak enters Downing Street ahead of looming NHS strike action, with nursing unions set to make their decision.
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1 months ago

NHS leaders call for clarity over funding to prevent winter bed blocking

The lib dems branded the adult social care discharge fund a “sticking plaster” and called on the government to “get a grip” on the multiple crises facing the NHS ahead of what is expected to be a difficult winter. A million people in England are waiting for care, many stranded in hospital beds due to the lack of space in care homes.
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1 months ago

Cost of living crisis is forcing nurses to quit their NHS pensions

The number of staff leaving the NHS pension scheme has doubled from 30,270 to 66,167 in just one year, according to an analysis by The Royal College of Nursing. Between April and July 2021, 11,500 staff said they opted out of their pension due to affordability and “facing other financial priorities” in 2020 this doubled to 23,000. The ballot for nurses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is set to close next week.
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1 months ago

‘A real and present danger’: NHS cuts will put lives at risk, health leader warns

The government is “living in a fantasy land” if it believes it can cut funds to the NHS without endangering patients. He also did not reverse his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng’s decision to scrap the £7bn health and social levy.
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1 months ago

NHS sets up ‘winter war rooms’ to save A&E wards from collapse

'winter war rooms' will provide accurate information on bed capacity in hospitals and care homes. 'clinicians and experts' can identify pressure points and act to reduce deadly ambulance delays and lengthy waits in A&E.
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1 months ago

Record 7 million people awaiting hospital treatment, says NHS England

Just 56.9% of patients attending major A&Es seen within four hours - a record low. NHS England failed to meet seven out of eight of its stated cancer targets. NHS warned hospitals in England may be forced to cancel operations to protect their stocks because of staff shortages. Figures prompted concern that the embattled health service can no longer cope.
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