NASA's Lucy spacecraft heads to Jupiter, captures riveting images of the Earth

Images taken by the cameras of the spacecraft were shared by the us government space agency. The first snapshot, taken on October 13, displays the Earth and the moon from afar in a single frame.
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1 months ago

On September 26, NASA's DART Mission to collide with an asteroid

The double asteroid redirection test (DART) mission is nearing the end of its life. It will travel at a speed of 24,000 kilometres per hour as it collides with the Didymos binary asteroid system. The spacecraft has travelled along a celestial path under Jupiter’s supervision.
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2 months ago

Sagittarius Horoscope Today:Daily prediction for July 20,'22 states, appreciated

Because of your ruling planet Jupiter, you love to please everyone around you. You are outspoken, optimistic and extrovert. For you a professional relationship is no less than a personal relationship. You may get news of inheritance of ancestor’s property and this will make the entire family happy.
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4 months ago

Three different views of Jupiter by Nasa may make your jaw drop in wonder

Nasa posts incredible pictures of Jupiter on various social media handles. The images were taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. The post has been shared a little over 12 hours ago. It has accumulated more than 1.1 lakh likes and the numbers are increasing quickly. The image has prompted people to share various comments.
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4 months ago

'FM tweeted pics of Jupiter, Pluto when....': P Chidambaram's dig on inflation

Congress leader P Chidambaram sharpened his attack on the government as he targeted finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The former finance minister referred to the tweets shared by the minister that were posted by NASA. The tweets were retweets from the account of NASA space agency that had earlier this week released images of far galaxies.
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4 months ago

Weekly Horoscope, July 10, 2022 – July 16, 2022: Scorpio, Aries, Pisces and other signs — check astrological prediction

Jupiter is still aligned with communicative regions of your chart, enabling you to put your case with energy, verve, enthusiasm – and sensitivity. Moneywise you seem to be functioning very well, at least better than in the past. You appear to have itchy feet and are desperate for a change of scene.
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