Paralympic medallist John McFall selected as world's first 'parastronaut' by ESA

The European Space Agency has announced its new class of space travellers that includes the world’s first 'parastronaut' John McFall is one of the 17 astronauts who have been selected among 22,523 applicants from all across Europe. The new astronaut batch includes eight women and all the candidates including McFall (41) will undergo training under a feasibility programme to see if they are capable of space travel.
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Diversity in space: Europe space agency to unveil recruits - The Washington Post

The European Space Agency is unveiling its newest astronaut recruits Wednesday. Over 22,000 applicants came forward in the hiring push announced February of last year by Europe’s answer to NASA. The hiring campaign didn’t specifically address ethnic diversity, but stressed the importance of “representing all parts of our society”
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2 days ago

Xi Jinping: China open to space exchanges, cooperation

President Xi Jinping reiterates China's wish to work with other nations to carry out space exploration and development. Xi wrote in a congratulatory letter to the United Nations/China 2nd Global Partnership Workshop on Space Exploration and Innovation. China has conducted a number of remarkable missions including the Chang’e lunar programs, the Tianwen 1 Mars expedition and the Tiangong space station program.
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3 days ago

NASA Orion capsule buzzes moon, last big step before lunar orbit

It's the first time a capsule has visited the moon since NASA's Apollo program 50 years ago. The capsule accelerated well beyond 5,000 mph (8,000 kph) as it regained radio contact, NASA said. It will spend close to a week in lunar orbit, before heading home on Dec. 11.
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4 days ago

NASA’s Orion capsule arrives at moon, just before lunar orbit

First time a capsule has visited the moon since NASA’s Apollo programme 50 years ago. Orion's arrival marks the first time the U.S. Space agency has been to the moon. It will spend close to a week in lunar orbit, before heading home on December 11.
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4 days ago

Poor weather expected for SpaceX's Tuesday launch to the space station

SpaceX's next cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station set for liftoff at 3:54 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 22. Forecasters expect weather conditions to only be about 30% go for the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket and uncrewed Dragon capsule from Kennedy Space Center. The launch opportunity is instantaneous, which requires Falcon 9 to launch exactly on time or delay until a different day.
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4 days ago

NASA's Orion capsule reaches Moon, likely to find orbit by Friday

NASA's Orion spacecraft arrived at the moon on Monday, whirling around its backside and passing within 80 miles (128 kilometres) It is the first time a capsule has been to the moon in fifty years. The record for the furthest distance travelled by a spacecraft designed for astronaut was set by Apollo 13 in 1970.
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4 days ago

From tomatoes to medical kit, what NASA sends in ISS resupply mission

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration will send a supply mission to International Space Station (ISS), loaded on SpaceX Falcon 9 scheduled for launch on Tuesday (Wednesday as per Indian time). SpaceX’s 26th commercial resupply mission for the ten astronauts camping in the space. The supply also has a Moon Microscope kit for an in-flight medical diagnosis.
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Orion Capsule: NASA's Orion capsule has reached the moon, whipping around the back side and passing within about 80 miles

Prem Watsa ruled out sale of stakes in Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL), telling ET he has big plans for it and calling the facility the “best airport in the world’s” He has also ruled out selling stakes in the airport.
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ISRO Launches Antriksh Jigyasa For The Purpose of Teaching Space Science

Antriksh Jigya, which translates to Space Curiosity, is a new digital platform that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has unveiled. It is intended to serve as a knowledge hub for applicants interested in learning about space science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The portal is made to assist students by providing cutting-edge e-learning material.
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5 days ago

An update on NASA's plans to go back to the moon - 60 Minutes - CBS News

An update on NASA's plans to go back to the moon. Artemis 1, NASA's new moon rocket, carrying an unmanned Orion crew capsule, rose into Florida's night sky. Launch Director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson told us NASA plans its next moon launch – Artemis II - in 2024, this time with a crew on board.
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5 days ago

NASA Moon mission 'exceeding' expectations

The spacecraft is to take astronauts to the Moon in the coming years -- the first to set foot on its surface since the last Apollo mission in 1972. The spacecraft's four solar panels, about 13 feet (four meters) long, deployed correctly and are providing more energy than expected, NASA officials say. Orion is already some 200,000 miles (320,000 kilometers) from Earth and preparing to perform the first of four main thrusts.
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5 days ago

What Vikram S success means to our space tech

The history-making first launch of the Vikram-S rocket, built by the city-based Skyroot Aerospace, on November 18, opens tremendous opportunities for space technology and business. The estimated market for the launch of small satellites into LEO is expected to be $15 billion by 2027. These satellites are mostly involved in imaging of the earth.
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6 days ago

India launches first privately made space rocket – DW – 11/18/2022

India's first privately-developed Vikram-S rocket successfully launched on Friday. Rocket travelled in an arc and reached a height of 89.5 kms before splashing into the sea. Launch is part of India's attempt to create a private space sector to supplement its state-run space program.
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1 weeks ago

Iceland Opens Up A New Frontier Of Tourism With An Orbital Billboard

The ad compares the desolate landscapes of the Arctic isle to those of Mars. It follows research suggesting that 56% of the US population believes we should invest in our homeworld before venturing off to the stars – and with a lower carbon footprint to boot. The ad is sent skyward using an electronic tablet attached to a weather balloon with a GoPro.
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1 weeks ago

Japan to Launch World's Smallest Moon Lander OMOTENASHI Today

Japan to Launch World’s Smallest Moon Lander OMOTENASHI Today. The deep space rocket's first flight, originally scheduled for August, has been repeatedly postponed due to a series of engine sensor failures and fuel leaks. At 11 centimeters long, 24 cm wide, and 37 cm high, OMOTENTASHI is set to land on the Moon’S surface at 180 kilometers per hour.
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1 weeks ago

CAPSTONE Becomes First Probe to Enter Unique Halo Orbit Around the Moon

CAPSTONE reached a near-rectilinear halo orbit (NRHO) around the Moon on Sunday, November 13. The 55-pound cubesat will now test this promising orbit in preparation for the Gateway lunar space station. The mission is a scout for NASA’s Artemis program, which seeks to return humans to the Moon later this decade.
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1 weeks ago

NASA to Test Inflatable Heat Shield on Thursday Morning

The final flight of an Atlas 5 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California will see the launch of an advanced weather satellite. The heat shield will separate from the rocket’s upper stage following a deorbit burn. It will then inflate and reenter Earth’s atmosphere to demonstrate its capabilities.
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2 weeks ago

Huge extragalactic structure found hiding behind the Milky Way

The group has published a paper describing their findings on the arXiv preprint server while awaiting publication in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. They have found evidence of a large extragalactic assembly hiding behind one part of the Milky Way galaxy.
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2 weeks ago

Meteor showers news: Meteor showers provide scientific clues to researchers - The Economic Times

The article claimed that the study of meteor showers helped space agencies and private space companies keep their spacecraft safe. The article also noted that the rocks and dust particles originating from the meteors, which travel at high speeds, could damage satellites and render them useless.
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