Now Zuckerberg's building AIs to destroy us meatbags in grand strategy games

Software called Cicero is the first AI to achieve human-level performance in the popular strategy game Diplomacy. Cicero played on webDiplomacy.nEt, an online version of the game, and achieved more than double the average score of the human players and ranked in the top 10 percent of participants who played more than one game.
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Meta Forced To Take Down AI Bot After Fake Research Cited

Meta has been forced to take its AI Bot called Galactica offline following complaints from people. The AI Scientist at Meta, Yann LeCunn, suggested people might have mistaken the bot's purpose. Multiple people have cited examples of fake research published by the AI Bot. The company has already been the talk of the town, with over 10,000 employees laid off.
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Baidu shrugs off impact of US chip export restrictions • The Register

Baidu shrugs off U.S. Ban on export of certain semiconductor technologies to China. Says it will not have any impact on its AI business or autonomous driving operations. Automotive chips are not on the prohibited list, so in-vehicle computing is not affected.
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2 days ago

Meta takes down AI bot after complaints of fake research

Meta has taken the demonstration for its AI bot Galactica offline after several users complained that it was faking research papers. The bot was introduced as a large-scale language model for science that could summarize academic literature, solve math problems, generate Wiki articles, write scientific code, annotate molecules and proteins, and more.
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2 days ago

Meta AI Bot Contributes to Fake Research Online

Meta AI has paused its Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot, called Galactica, only two days after it went live to the public. The bot was supposed to help academics and researchers find papers and studies quickly and succinctly. Within hours of the launch, users started reporting racist and inaccurate articles.
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3 days ago

Trust large language models at your own peril

Meta’s Galactica can “summarize academic papers, solve math problems, generate Wiki articles, write scientific code, annotate molecules and proteins. But soon after its launch, it was easy for outsiders to prompt the model to provide “scientific research” on the benefits of homophobia, anti-Semitism, suicide, eating glass, being white, or being a man. Meanwhile, papers on AIDS or racism were blocked.
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3 days ago

UK to snatch world’s top AI talent from US, China: PM Rishi Sunak

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has introduced a new programme for the 100 most outstanding young professionals in the world working in the field of artificial intelligence. “We cannot allow the world’s top AI talent to be drawn to America or China, Sunak said. A free trade agreement between the UK and India is currently being negotiated.
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4 days ago

Have limited time to search for new role: Fired Amazon workers from India turn to LinkedIn for jobs - India Today

Amazon recently laid off nearly 10,000 employees across departments, including Alexa and Luna cloud gaming. Impacted Indian workers turn to LinkedIn as they have limited time to find a new job. H-1B visa that permits foreigners to work in the US offers only a 60-day grace period to find new employer.
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4 days ago

What is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2? Everything to know about the new mobile platform

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is based on the ARMv9 architecture and uses TSMC’s 4nm process. The chip uses a 1+4+3 instead of the 1+3+4 configuration. The first phones running on the latest processor are expected to be out by the end of the year.
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6 days ago

Notion will help you write out your daily content, with the help of AI

Notion, the app best known for its note-taking software, is introducing a new feature where it will help users write out their daily content. The feature is part of a private alpha test and users have to sign up for a waitlist. Right now, Notion AI is being pitched as a partner, designed to help users “save time or spend it more wisely”
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1 weeks ago

Amazon CEO says job cuts will continue into 2023 amid cost-reduction plans

Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy said the e-commerce giant will be cutting jobs into 2023 as it adjusts to business conditions. Jassy: "This year’s review is more difficult due to the fact that the economy remains in a challenging spot and we’ve hired rapidly the last several years"
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1 weeks ago

Intel's new deepfake detector can spot a real or fake video based on blood flow in video pixels

Intel's FakeCatcher can detect a deepfake in real-time by assessing what makes us human – 'blood flow' Intel says its technology can identify changes in our veins' color when blood circulates through the body. Deepfakes use impressive technology derived from machine learning and artificial intelligence to create scarily accurate impressions of celebrities and politicians.
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1 weeks ago

Intel’s FakeCatcher can detect deepfakes in real-time with 96% accuracy

FakeCatcher can flag deepfakes in milliseconds with 96% accuracy rate, claims Intel. The technology runs on a server using Intel hardware and software, and interfaces through a web-based platform. It assesses what makes us human and analyses “subtle blood flow in the pixels of a video”
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1 weeks ago

NVIDIA and Microsoft team up to build an AI cloud computer that probably won't become Skynet

Microsoft and NVIDIA announce multi-year partnership to develop AI cloud computer for Azure customers. The two firms are aiming to speed up the rollout and development of AI-based tools and apps powered by NVIDIA's tech and Microsoft's cloud footprint. This is the first time NVIDIA will have made the full stack of its cloud AI infrastructure available to the public.
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1 weeks ago

Amazon confirms layoffs, employees say 'horrendous way to treat people'

E-commerce giant Amazon confirms job losses at the company, saying in the current macroeconomic environment, some teams are making adjustments amid consolidation of some teams and programmes. Company did not reveal the exact number of employees being hit although earlier reports put the number at 10,000 employees or 3 per cent of its workforce.
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1 weeks ago

2 Top AI Stocks Ready for a Bull Run

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to grow at 20% annually through 2029 and hit over $1 trillion in annual spending worldwide. Companies that are the leaders in AI and machine learning can capture a lot of this spending. Here are two AI stocks that look ready to make a bull run over the next decade.
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1 weeks ago

Will Robots Replace Humans at Amazon?

Amazon's newest robot picks out items to be shipped to customers, displaying human hand-like dexterity. The development of “Sparrow, and other robots like “Robin and Cardinal, are fueling fears that Amazon’s warehouses will one day be run by machines, leading to huge layoffs.
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1 weeks ago

Canva Unveils Free For Use Text-To-Image AI, Here's What It Can Do

Canva’s text-to-image AI provides users with multiple styles, including photo, drawing, painting, pattern and concept art. Users can generate up to 100 images daily, with due safety filters in place.
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2 weeks ago

Nvidia Devises a New Chip for China That Passes U.S

Top data center and AI chip stocks like Nvidia took the news of expanded sales restrictions to China poorly in October. Nvidia quickly drew up plans for a new chip that passes U.S. Export controls for the Chinese market. Nvidia said it could lose $400 million in sales during its third quarter of fiscal 2023 if its customers didn't purchase an alternative product.
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2 weeks ago

Intel AI chip unit Habana Labs lays off dozens - Globes

AI chip development unit Habana Labs is laying off dozens of employees at its development center in Caesarea. The decision was not taken by Intel itself but local management, which has remained relatively independent of the chipmaker's headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Intel acquired Habana in 2019 for $2 billion to compete with graphics processing giant Nvidia.
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